Intensive course

About the course

The intensive courses consist of a language course with up to 160 and 240* academic hours.
Length of the courses:
A1, A2, B1 – 2 months
B2 and C1 – 3 months
Course fee for is 325 euros (per month for every person).
Textbooks for each course are not included in the price.

The language school also provides a variety of additional events.
We also offer Exam Preparation Courses for B1 and B2 examinations (see here)

* In December – 220 academic hours.

Course description

The course concentrates on grammar and all language skills such as reading and listening comprehension as well as writing. The teachers of the school focus on improving the students’ fluency and confidence in speaking ability.

The content of the courses is adapted to the language skills of the students.

Course dates 2023/24

Level A1, A2, B1 
from 04.10.2023 to 29.11.2023
Level B2 , C1
from 04.10.2023 to 22.12.2023

Level A1, A2, B1 
von 08.01.2024 bis 01.03.2024
Level B2 , C1
von 08.01.2024 bis 28.03.2023 

Level A1, A2, B1 
von 04.03.2024 bis 30.04.2024
Level B2 , C1
von   04.03.2024  bis 31.05.2024  

Level A1, A2, B1 
von 06.05.2024 bis 03.07.2024
Level B2 , C1
von 06.05.2024 bis 31.07.2024

Level A1, A2, B1 
von 08.07.2024 bis 02.09.2024
Level B2 , C1
von 08.07.2024 bis 27.09.2024

Level A1, A2, B1 
von 07.10.2024 bis 29.11.2024   
Level B2 , C1

von 07.10.2024 bis 20.12.2024   

Our offer

Exam Preparation B1/B2

120 per Month
  • Speaking, reading, listening and writing
  • 16 academic hours
  • Telc, DTZ, Goethe

Evening course

German as a foreign language​
195 per month
  • 3 times a week
  • 32 academical hours
  • from 6:45 p.m. until 8:45 p.m.

Medical German C1

German for medical professionals
1500 Course fee
  • Every day from Monday to Friday​
  • 220 academical hours
  • preparation for the exam
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